Ahhh….body image and pregnancy

Well, I don’t know what image you carry around in your head about how a pregnant woman is ‘supposed’ to look, but it might be worthwhile to talk about body image before, during and after pregnancy. Image thanks to Andriele at Pixabay Body image is a hot topic in our culture these days – for … Continue reading Ahhh….body image and pregnancy

Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo!

Hormones! The fabulous and the wild ride of pregnancy (Part 1 of 2) OK…there are a lot of jokes about hormones. But, kidding aside, during pregnancy hormones are ricocheting around you like 10000 invisible neon boomerangs at warp speed. It’s real. And like everything pregnant, each pregnancy will bring its own experience. What do hormones … Continue reading Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo!