COVID, Booze and Pregnancy

While we (and the rest of the world) continue to muddle our way through COVID-19 there are social concerns to which we should be paying attention.

Ongoing research about the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy directly is not clear. After all, this virus is only a few months old and we have lots to learn about it. What is concerning is the ripple effect of social isolation and stress some people are experiencing.

We know everyone is experiencing the social impact of COVID in different ways. Depending where you live you might be in the middle of more lockdowns, loss of employment, loss of your house, loss of companionship and regular routines.

So, as people try to cope there’s an increase consumption level of alcohol. This includes pregnant teens and women.

And, this is not a ‘good thing.’

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy carries the risk of the infant being born with a particular disability – FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. And alcohol includes cocktails, shooters, coolers, wine, beer, shots…anything with booze.

I’ve included a link to an article about this topic here for your reference.

If you’re pregnant and have been drinking occasionally or socially, or if you’re struggling with an addiction, please talk to your health care team.

Pregnancy carries enough excitement, so the increase of any stress the pandemic may be adding needs to be discussed. There are supports out there – just ask your health care team. You’re not alone.

Reach out and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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