Exercise and pregnancy….good for you?

Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay There’s an old wives tale out there. Here it is. In the past women were encouraged to reduce their usual levels of exertion during pregnancy. Expectant moms were encouraged to “play it safe” by well meaning but misinformed loved ones, and inaccurate information on various websites. Outdated medical advice … Continue reading Exercise and pregnancy….good for you?

Body image, weight gain, pregnancy….what to do?

Image by Vitor Vitinho from Pixabay There’s a lot of attention given to how we look – particularly our body shapes and sizes. With pregnancy the body undergoes a lot of changes. Sadly, there are still pregnant teens and women who live with body image issues to the extent it can cause significant harm to … Continue reading Body image, weight gain, pregnancy….what to do?

Ahhh….body image and pregnancy

Well, I don’t know what image you carry around in your head about how a pregnant woman is ‘supposed’ to look, but it might be worthwhile to talk about body image before, during and after pregnancy. Image thanks to Andriele at Pixabay Body image is a hot topic in our culture these days – for … Continue reading Ahhh….body image and pregnancy

Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo! – Part 2 of 2

It's arrival time - delivery! More emotions and more hormones! During delivery, your body works to deliver the baby and hormones are in play big time. A simple statement and a complicated system. Your estrogen and progesterone levels change again – rapidly once delivery is complete. There’s an increase in another hormone, oxytocin. This hormone … Continue reading Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo! – Part 2 of 2

Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo!

Hormones! The fabulous and the wild ride of pregnancy (Part 1 of 2) OK…there are a lot of jokes about hormones. But, kidding aside, during pregnancy hormones are ricocheting around you like 10000 invisible neon boomerangs at warp speed. It’s real. And like everything pregnant, each pregnancy will bring its own experience. What do hormones … Continue reading Hormones! Pregnancy! Whoohoo!

What about weed for morning sickness?

One of the toughest things about pregnancy is morning sickness. And let's be real, it isn't just in the morning. For some pregnancies, morning sickness is fleeting and mild. And, for others it is severe leading to hospitalization and medical care. I worked with a woman who during her second pregnancy ended up being hospitalized … Continue reading What about weed for morning sickness?